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Active Sacred Geometry of Alawashka- Art for Awakening helps you manifest the blessings of pure Creation
Active Sacred Geometry of Alawashka: These beautiful and unique Templates of Creation awaken your Spiritual Evolution. Each matrix activates its special qualities and essence in your life. Laka - Healed and Restored
Celebrate the renewed wholeness of your life. Learn to move with the essence of Healed and Restored to hold Divine infusion.
Laka means Healed and Restored.
It is the uniting force which incorporates a new sense of wholeness or reintegrates an already existing wholeness back to its original form. It is the declaration of and action towards generating the health and restoration of form. It is the refined pattern of creation that presences the flow of creation into continually more optimal states. The LAKA Alawashka Art Print is a Sacred Geometry Template that generates Presence, Vitality, Centering, Wellness, Wholeness and Healing. Lumari’s Alawashka LAKA Art Print will help you reclaim, rebuild and renew all aspects of your life.

The spiritual activation of this image and word brings you the capacity to heal and regenerate wholeness in all aspects of being. Laka reveals the process of healing and restoration as a gracious momentum of purpose and surrender. Laka helps with manifestation, recognition of truth and form, being fully present and bringing the highest dreams and the most pragmatic events into reality.

Choose this Art Print to activate and receive the understanding and fluid perceptions that enhance healing. Through the energies of Laka you will be able to bring the energies of healing into form.

The Active Sacred Geometry of Alawashka engages, activates and genuinely helps you resonate to, attract and receive the properties imbued in each art print.

8.5" x 11" Print - Place in a 11" x 14" frame and hang in a place of honor.
All Alawashka Art Prints come shrink-wrapped with a full explanation of its qualities and properties.



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