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Active Sacred Geometry of Alawashka- Art for Awakening helps you manifest the blessings of pure Creation
Embado - The Heights
Lift into the Higher Dimensions. Expand the core of your being.
Embado means The Heights. It is the ever-expanding. It is a realm of existence that brings exhilaration through multi-dimensional aliveness. The EMBADO Alawashka Art Print is a Sacred Geometry Template that generates Expansion, Truth, Honor, Bliss, Perspctive, Clarity and Sacred Wonderment. Lumari's Alawashka EMBADO Art Print will help you reach the higher levels of your personal spiritual awareness and journey within the great expanse of the Universal.

The spiritual activation of this image and word expands your life with increased vision and perspective. It is awakening combined with the unlimited flight of discovery. The power and elegance of Lumari's unique Alawashka Art instantly helps you manifest its pure qualities and resonance for your graceful personal transformation.

Choose this Art Print to activate, receive and experience the fullness of your expansion into greater knowing and light. Through the energies of Embado you will be able to experience the clarity of your Higher Self.

The Active Sacred Geometry of Alawashka engages, activates and genuinely helps you resonate to, attract and receive the properties imbued in each art print.

8.5" x 11" Print - Place in a 11" x 14" frame and hang in a place of honor.
All Alawashka Art Prints come shrink-wrapped with a full explanation of its qualities and properties.




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