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Spiritual, Metaphysical, Healing Gemstone Necklaces Enlighten your Soul's Journey: Divine Jewelry by Lumari
Fluid Spirit - Birth Certificate
Metaphysical, Healing & Vibrational Properties:
Awakening, Strength, Joy, Relationships, Success, Healing, Protection, Good Luck
The Fluid Spirit Necklace brings positive energy and gifts, increases wisdom, attracts positive relationships, heightens perception, expands harmony and aids manifestation of dreams. It has strong affiliations to the Gemstone Guardians, Gaia and the Crystal Devas. They have chosen this necklace to symbolize and embody “one who is open to express their Divine gifts and awaken their own higher knowing as they move with Fluid Spirit."

Wear this piece to receive and transmit the pure energies of light, vibration and sound that bring luck, prosperity and business success, increases optimism, enhances creativity, expands one's deeper connections to Spirit, and aids communication. This necklace brings healing, protection, strength, vitality, mental clarity, greater awareness and spiritual balance. It also dissolves negativity, filters unnecessary information, enhances intuition, uplifts one's spirit and clears one's auric fields.

Creation: Each semi-precious gemstone is selected by Lumari in meditation with the guides for this piece. The Fluid Spirit Necklace honors these sacred energies and it also includes the sacred energies of love, strength, joy and inspiration. The Gemstone Devas, crystal and mineral realms, and the Divine Guides have all overseen and participated in this creation. At its time of 'birth', this necklace is infused to impart special metaphysical, spiritual and healing properties to its wearer.

Fluid Spirit Necklace: features a large, brilliant oval Labradorite, set in 925 silver (1.25" long), gemstone beads, sterling silver beads, and is 18" long with a silver toggle clasp.

High Quality Gemstones include: Black Onyx, Amazonite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Labradorite, Natural Peacock Pearls




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