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Enter the Infinite Heart! Alawashka Songs for Creation, Manifestation and Illumination
"Emerge Dancing" is a great gift to the world. It's consistent clarity of focus on the Oneness, on the Love, is a wonderful and, all too rare, treat in this time of human history. Although seemingly coming through various different sounds and expressions, the meaning and the vibration of each one of the songs/cuts is, in essence, the same: to come the the the Oneness.... We are so very fortunate to have this magic made available to us in such a magnificent way.
….. Allan Silberhartz - television host of Bridging Heaven and Earth

“They talk about world music, but this is “WORLD” music. It is music for the world. It is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. It can touch all kinds of people all over the world and bring wholeness through the vibrations, the words and the music."
….. from Colorado.”

Emerge Dancing creates celestial space of deep spiritual resonance that will fill your heart with love, open your mind to illumination, heal your body with Vibrational harmony and help you attain enlightened joy.

Emerge Dancing is the sacred music of the Goddess sung in Alawashka, the language of creation - which litereally infuses the listener with the highest energies of illumination, freedom, relatedness and peace. This lush musical journey brings you into realms of oneness, universal harmony and celebration. Lumari’s beautiful vocals lift you to a spiritual plane of joy and peace. This original music will help you heal and fulfill your destiny while you travel on your path to personal evolution and spirituality.

As you listen you will feel an inner joy, exuberance, freedom and blessings that build with the growing crescendo of the songs, the music and the words. Lumari’s voice has a luminous ethereal quality. As you listen, you wil feel the blessings build with the growing crescendo of songs, the music and these sacred words.

This music inspiration flows into the cellular levels of your body and all bodies of existence. Levels of elegant rejoicing flow from each song and carry you into divine wholeness. The activations of each word and the infused qualities of each song, lift personal and global resonance. Animals delight in it. Plants thrive in it. Minerals awaken in it. Humanity accelerates with it. The attunement possibilities are endless.

Alawashka’s pure frequencies of Creation help you resonate to the clear beauty of your soul!


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