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Discover the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation from the Heart of the Goddess
"ALAWASHKA is "The Bible of the Millenium." "ALAWASHKA is an inspiration and source for anyone who wishes to restore their conscious wholeness and re-align with the forgotten sound of the creative core of the Universe.”

Discover the Original Language and Vibrational Source of Creation
~ Are you looking for joyfilled spiritual transformation?
~ Would you like to know the true history of humanity and how it influences our world, today?
~ Do you want access to the energies of creation, so you can co-create with the Great All?
~ Have you been searching for the keys to creation and accelerated healing?

In "ALAWASHKA," the mystery, truth, spiritual vibrations and clear Voice of Creation are revealed
Alawashka is a powerful and primary consciousness in the Universal All. She is a multiplicity of energies dedicated in the profound focus of creating- creating everything! She is language, sound, light, vibration and sacred geometry patterns held within a supreme consciousness. She is the Original Language and Being of Creation, emanating from the Heart of the Goddess, the Universal Source of All. Channeled exclusively by Lumari, Alawashka is both a language and a being. As the original language and the vibrational source of creation, her essence alters the framework of existence and initiates us into new levels of spiritual awakening. As a Language, speaking, reading or hearing Alawashka activates passage into higher consciousness.

Imagine what it is like to learn how to create with these vibrational patterns!

Alawashka's energies are dedicated towards creation, with the fullness of pure abundance flowing joyously into manifestation. Now, imagine what it would be like to learn the language, sacred teachings and frequencies that can instantly manifest these blessings in your everyday life! This book will begin to explain how creation manifests and how you can participate with that pure stream of creation energy.

Alawashka unlocks the multidimensional gateways to the Heart of the Goddess, the source of Divine creation so you may attain and live within your highest truths. She is channeled through Lumari, to help each individual move through the blocks and limitations that have restricted the free flow of spiritual light to all of humankind.

Read about these clear, Divine Frequenicies in Lumari's book and experience a shift in awareness to help you live the dreams that you hold for a beautiful, sacred, loving, abundant and health-filled world.



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