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Learn about the Akashic Records from the Beings who hold the Wisdom of the Ages.
Do you want to know more about your life's path and purpose?
Would you like to know about your past lives?
Do you want access to higher spiritual wisdom that seems to be beyond your grasp?”

Lumari's book will help you access your personal information contained within the Akashic Records.
Lumari's book, AKASHIC RECORDS brings a completely new approach to connecting with the wisdom of the Akashic. Lumari, channels direct communication with the Akashic and through this dialogue/interview a lively discusssion of the Akashic Records is revealed. The Collective Keepers of Divine Expression discuss the actual workings of their system. They reveal how they receive information, how they gather it and contain it. Theirs is not just a library of human history. The Akashic Records are the oldest and most ancient system of Wisdom. They hold the vast resources of all occurances throughout time. It is said that the moving of nations and the fluttering of a bird's wings are all written in the Akashic. Theirs is the repository of wisdom for all life in the Universe. The Collective Keepers share information about how they collect the wisdom of the ages and the many different ways individuals can and do access that information for their personal growth and enlightenment.

Have you been looking for the wisdom and the opportunities to achieve personal fulfillment, health, satisfying relationships, experience profound spiritual connection and live a life of true heart, soul and spirit?.

Benefit from the insight & profound gifts of the Collective Keepers of Divine Expression!
You may live a thousand years or a thousand lifetimes and never gain access to the profound information contained in this book.

This book will help you . . .
~ ~ ~ Form a connection with your own Akashic Archives.
~ ~ ~ Discover your past lives and their hidden meanings.
~ ~ ~ Work with the Akashic to advance your personal growth.
~ ~ ~ Learn new ways to expand your personal and spiritual wisdom.
~ ~ ~ Gain a deeper understanding of Universal Consciousness.




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