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Blue Star Blessing Spray is infused with Spiritual energy to bless your personal being, home and environment.
Active Sacred Geometry of Alawashka: These beautiful and unique Templates of Creation awaken your Spiritual Evolution. Each matrix activates its special qualities and essence in your life. Blessing Spray - Clearing
CLEARING: Clear, Cleanse, Balance, Release, Protect, Enhance, Uplift and Vitalize your personal energy and environment.
Blue Star Blessing Spray - Affectionately Known as "Joy Juice"

Blue Star Blessing Spray is a blend of essential oils, crystal essences, programmed waters and natural ingredients infused with energy and expanded spiritual vibrations. Each Blessing Spray is specially created to uplift and raise energy in any environment with its special qualities. They are excellent for use during meditation and to expand personal perspective and insight and to bring inspired energy to your home, office and business.

· Generate blessing and spiritual energy.
· Create vibrationally sacred space for meditation, prayer, healing and inner work.
· Promote and enhance healing.
· Cleanse and uplift your environment.
· Protect your home, car and family environment.
· Increase your personal vibration and deepen thought and energy clarity.
· Clear excess energy after a party, meeting or event to bring the environment into balance.
· Release negative energies especially after illness, confused feelings, upset or disagreements.
· Create a clear space for work, focus and concentration.
· Clear the environment of other energies in hotels, new work environments and meeting rooms.
· Bless a new home and bring blessing into your present home.


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