Lumari is an Internationally acclaimed Intuitive Whole Life Coach, Psychic Consultant and Channel, Wisdom Teacher, Transformational Healer and Best Selling Author who has shown many thousands of people how to celebrate their soul purpose, connect to their highest destiny, generate personal and business success and Live Inspired.

Lumari’s Spiritual, intuitive whole life coaching, consultations and training helps you live your soul’s calling, expand your spiritual connection, quickly clear any blocks, make powerful and beneficial decisions, ignite your creativity, share your gifts and vision, achieve greater wealth and business success and have greater joy, freedom and fulfillment in all areas of life.

She is a guide, catalyst and inspiration for personal, professional and planetary change, healing, evolution and awakening.

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Check out her latest book, Shopping For A Man: The Ultimate Women’s Guide to Dating a Really Great Guy.
Gemstone Mystic - Jewelry for Modern Mystics

Enlighten Your Soul's Journey with fashion-forward Gemstone Mystic power necklaces Handmade by Lumari

Beautiful, high quality, handmade, One-of-a-Kind gemstone power necklaces imbued with energies attuned to attract, receive, transmit the transformative powers, qualities and frequencies to support your life, celebrate your gifts, be your highest self and realize your dreams.

Gemstone Mystic
Cosmic Coffee Break - Podcast

Take your inner being to the outer limits! The Cosmic Coffee Break brings you quick, powerful ways to improve your life.

Lumari channels the brilliance of the universe with beautiful wisdom teachings, meditations, practical guidance, and blessings to help you Live Inspired. She creates the sacred space where you can shift into higher levels consciousness – just by listening.

Her teachings, guidance and meditations support your personal growth, spirituality, prosperity, fulfillment and success to help you flourish in all areas of your life. You can ignite your creativity, embrace your soul purpose, fulfill your dreams and have fun doing it!

Listen to inspiring and illuminating interviews with authors, healers, speakers, leaders and coaches that will empower and guide your soul journey.

Make your coffee break a cosmic one.

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